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Mittwoch, der 18.September 2013

Rostock-Warnemünde: The Mission of the ISAD as the Worlds Symposium focusing on Liver Support is to promote the development of procedures and devices which can bridge and/or shorten the gap to liver recovery, regeneration or transplantation in patients with liver failure.

September 27th – 29th, 2013 in Rostock-Warnemünde (Germany)
Online Registration: www.albumin-dialysis.org

Three areas have been identified which require attention:

  • First, the improvement of the liver dialysis dose administered needs improvement. Recent results have shown, that patients receiving a higher dose have a better outcome. Therefore, appropriate dose parameters and more effective techniques are in development.
  • Second, the therapies need to be more simple and less invasive, in order to further optimize the risk/benefit/cost ratio. With new systems, requiring less anticoagulants or offering safe citrate anticoagulation, the incidence of unwanted adverse events can be reduced and the work load of staffing can be reduced.
  • Third, the definition of indications and the stratification of patients to appropriate therapy regimens is gaining increasing attention. Thanks to the establishment of the CLIF consortium, endorsed by the EASL and ongoing post hoc analysis of the larger trials we are gaining new information on who to treat, when to treat and how to treat.


The 14th ISAD will not only provide milestone basic science in the area but also host Investigator Meetings to kick off major clinical trials. (Pressemeldung vom 15.08.2013, Quelle: FLD e.V.)